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Sharing Beautiful Moments


Pictures in our mind we remember, and so they change. Often what we remember and see as truth is not quite so.  It is real because it is what we believe to be true.

Photography offers the opportunity to capture beautiful moments, and today there is an incredible array of photographic tools available, both hardware and software.


A photograph now, and since it’s inception many years ago, is a manipulated depiction of a true event.  And can never be what never was.


At best it is a subjective image of a real moment.

WA Wave IV (1 of 1).jpg

This website shows some of my photographs and depict how I think it was.  Photography is a craft, creative thoughts and vision, all in one.  A desire to record what is beauty and in this it is personal.  It’s value is in sharing a brief unique moment that might make one pause and reflect. 

Photographs shown are not perfect.  Hopefully one can appreciate without being affected by shortcomings.

All photographs are available in high resolution on requests.

The equipment used is micro 4/3 rd ; Olympus, Lumix cameras, Summilux/Leica, Zuiko and Voigtlander lenses.  Software: Lightroom, PhotoLab/Nik

I very much welcome any feedback, so I can improve my work.

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Land, Water and People


  • Photographic recording of crop development, pest and diseases

  • Informal photography skills development in small groups or one on one basis.  U Tube offers an incredible range of valuable learning tools; learning in small groups can increase the effectiveness and fun.

  • Photographic portfolio development of defined projects


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